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*  Register for Hoops Council:  Click Here

* Check out the new Club Resources:  Click Here

*  Congratulations to Grace Thompson from Greensboro NC as the November 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers. 

*  Congratulations to Patrice Beam from Davidson County as the October 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers. 

*  Congratulations to Melizza Peres from Durham as the September 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers. 

*  Game Room Congratulations goes to: 
   1st Place Over All:  Winston Salem

2nd Place Over All:  Greensboro

  Door Prize Winners:

Winston Salem:  $520.00 Hoops Council Scholarship (2 Teams)

Greenville SC :  $500 in Charlotte Hornets Tickets (25 Tickets)

Greensboro NC:  $500 in Charlotte Hornets Tickets (25 Tickets)

Davidson County:  $500 in Charlotte Hornets Tickets (25 Tickets)

*  Congratulations to Frento Burton from Charlotte - Dillehay Courts as the August 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers.

*  Register TODAY for the CO-ED Games Room Tournament in Greensboro on October 6, 2018:  CLICK HERE

*  Check our the video tutorial on how to complete The Salvation Army Divisional Review Process:  Click Here

*  Watch the 2018 Teen and Club Camp Videos:  Click Here

*  Congratulations to Dmonyaa Beale from Wilson as the July 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers.

*  Check out the Volunteer Day video in Charlotte:  Click Here 

*  Congratulations to the Charlotte Belmont Club as the 2018 Building Bridges Winner.

*  NC HSS Grant information can be found here.  This includes manuals, pre tests, and post test.  Click Here 

*  Say Thank You by recognizing one of your valued employees through The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs and Chartered Community Center Employee Recognition Program.  CLICK HERE for nomination form.

*  Congratulations to Jaquana Prysock from Spartanburg SC as the March 2018 Divisional Employee of the Month for the Clubs and Centers.

*  2018 Hoops Council Winners and Video: Click Here
*  Need to Set Up a TEEN TECH Zone?  Find YOUR RESOURCES by Clicking Here

*  Learn More about Office 365.  Click Here 

*  10 Stories. 88 pages. Each story has 5 devotionals. Download the entire Story Bible for FREE!  Click Here

*  Official national poverty data have long been calculated using a single dimension: income. At best, income statistics provide only a hazy picture of the actual conditions facing the hungry, the homeless, the unemployed, and the underemployed.   The Human Needs Index (HNI) introduces a new, multidimensional way to measure poverty and its effects. The key lies in the street-level knowledge of The Salvation Army, one of the country’s largest nonprofits delivering a safety net of services to those in need.  Click Here 

* Need the NEW Club/Community Center Membership Application: Click Here

*  Did you know that Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Salvation Army Southern Territory has had an agreement since 1938?  Click Here 

*  CHECK OUT THE UPDATES OF THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR 2018-2019. Click Here.  Make sure you see what your Members can participate in around the Division.

*  Check out our Carolinaclubs Facebook page: Click Here 

*  The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club members speak out on, "Why They Go To The Club."  Click Here

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