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For some years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The Salvation Army have associated in the promotion of Development Youth Services in the United States, through the membership of The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Clubs in Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  For many years this association existed principally on the local and regional levels.  Since both organizations are national in scope, each having substantial responsibilities to the public in each communnity.  The Salvation Army Southern Territory signed the first agreement in 1935 with Boys Clubs of America.  An understanding was reached on the national level from both The Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Clubs of America on January 1, 1960.  An agreement between the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and The Salvation Army Corporations setting forth the policies and procedures relative to The Salvation Army Boys Clubs & Girls Clubs was signed.  This agreement was revised January 2013, and has remained in effect to the present date.  Through this partnership The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs have been able to minster to hundreds of thousands of youth through out the nation.

On February 14. 2018 The Salvation Army Southern Territory approved a new Strategic Realignment model in which brought the 9 South Carolina Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs and the 11 North Carolina Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs under one organizational charter.  This charter is held at North Carolina Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Charlotte NC.  The new model is the first of its' kind in the county for The Salvation Army.  The Strategic Realignment now allows The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of the Carolina's to  strengthen local Clubs, build stronger Advisory Organizations, and help build a stronger resource development strategies.  This model is now used across the United States within The Salvation Army when implementing Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club organizations. 

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