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A Campaign to:

q       Increase interaction between Corps & Clubs

q       Strengthen the Spiritual Emphasis of the Boys & Girls Club programs

q       Advance the Evangelical Mission of The Salvation Army


1.      Start at the Top:

q       Corps Officer and Club Director need to see One Salvation Army.

q       Advisory Board and Advisory Council must work together in harmony.

q       Soldiers, Corps Staff, Club Staff, and Volunteers need to understand the Army’s Mission.


Mission Statement:

“The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”


2.      Enhance Relationships by Increasing Communication:

q       Club Director should attend Corps Council Meetings.

q       A Corps Representative should Attend Advisory Council Meetings.

q       As mandated, Advisory Board and Advisory Council must be co-represented.


3.      Enhance Program Quality by Sharing Activities:

q       Integrate Traditional Corps Programs into the Boys & Girls Club:

§        Girl Guards

§        Sunbeams

§        Adventure Corps

§        Jr. Legion

§        Y.P.L. (Young People’s Legion)


q       Involve Corps Youth in Boys & Girls Club Programs:

§        Educational Programs

§        Recreational Programs

§        Social Programs


q       Observe how Club and Corps programs parallel each other and can be merged with Christian Influence:

§        (Example:  Torch Club & Y.P.L.)


4.      Enhance Spiritual Emphasis with Corps Leadership in the Club:

q       “Local Officers” should be more active in reaching Club Members with the Gospel.

q       Devotions, Bible Classes, Prayer Cells, and other spiritual activities are not restricted from Club programming.

q       “Build the Kingdom”


5.      Club Staff can help even if they are not Salvationists:

q       “Build the Kingdom by Building the Corps.”

§        Invite unchurched youth to the Corps

§        Give Club Choirs and other groups exposure and opportunity in the Corps

§        Plan inter-active activities and services with the Corps

       Seasonal Events (Christmas & Easter, etc.)

       Revivals, Crusades, and other outreach

       Divisional and Regional Events


6.      Identify & Nurture Future Leaders

q       Future Local Officers

q       Future Employees

q       Future Salvation Army Officers

§        (13,000 S.A. Boys & Girls Club Members in North & South Carolina.)


7.      Develop a “Corps to Club Mentoring Program”

q       Start simply

§        Corps Officer

§        Executive Director

§        One Soldier Mentor

§        One Club Member


8.      Be Creative

q       Pray

q       Communicate

q       Experiment

For more information about Cross Link and how you can offer it in your program contact


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