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Ask any Youth of the Year How He or She Achieved the Honor
He will tell you that a staff member at the Club/Community Center made the difference. She will tell you how Club/Community Center staff supported her, coached her and encouraged her. Every Club/Community Center professional has the power to develop within all members the qualities of sound character, leadership and willingness to serve. These are the qualities that make a Youth of the Year. They are also some of the most important qualities young people need to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.
Whether a Club/Community Center member actually goes on to become Youth of the Year, the time and effort invested in the development of each individual helps these young people become all they are capable of being. That is what makes the Youth of the Year program an effective year-round development program for all members.
Your Boys & Girls Club/Community Center and Beyond
It is at the Club/Community Center level that the Youth of the Year program has its greatest impact in developing young people. Those who go on to state, regional and national levels of the program are afforded additional opportunities for personal growth. To enter a girl or boy in the National Youth of the Year Program, submit your outstanding candidate's application to your Regional Service Center for consideration. Every local Youth of the Year will receive a medallion and an opportunity to become State Youth of the Year, a regional finalist or even National Youth of the Year. But you and your candidate will never know how far he or she could go unless you put the Youth of the Year program kit to work in your Club/Community Center.
Give your members the experience of a lifetime. Give them a chance to become National Youth of the Year, to be that special individual who embodies the finest qualities possessed by Boys & Girls Club/Community Center members throughout the country.

Promoting your Program Outside the Club/Community Center
Modify the enclosed sample media advisory and use it to inform the local news media about your upcoming Youth of the Year selection. Keep the news media abreast of all related activities, including using the enclosed sample media release to announce the winner.
Ask your Youth of the Year to Speak
Have your Youth of the Year address service clubs, community groups, board meetings, Keystone Clubs, parent Club/Community Center meetings and special events where Club/Community Center members are assembled. The Youth of the Year should discuss his or her responsibilities and experiences as Youth of the Year and explain what Club/Community Center membership means to him or her. Each public appearance helps build the confidence and poise that serve Youths of the Year well with individuals, groups and judging panels.
Continue Emphasizing Youth of the Year Importance and Visibility
As a spokesperson for the Club/Community Center, the honoree should remain prominent until next year's Youth of the Year is chosen. Thoroughly publicize your Youth of the Year activities in your newsletters, annual report and special events.
Promote your Club/Community Center as well as the Youth of the Year Program
The selection of a Youth of the Year offers a great opportunity to focus public attention on the Club/Community Center and how its programs benefit young people. Television, radio and newspaper coverage of the National Youth of the Year selection process in Washington, D.C., focuses attention on the value and significance of the Boys & Girls Club/Community Center Movement as a whole.
After Choosing Club/Community Center Youth of the Year
Assign:  Assign a staff member with strong writing skills to collaborate with your Club/Community Center's Youth of the Year in the preparation of the youth's Official Nomination Form for the state, regional and national selection process. The staff member should help the candidate write essays for the application that are logically organized, grammatically correct and clearly describe the candidate's personal qualities, experiences and achievements.
Complete:  It is imperative that a written narrative be provided for each section of the Youth of the Year application. Letters of support or newspaper articles may be submitted as additional documentation but may not be substituted for the required written narrative.
Submit:  Submit your local Youth of the Yearís Official Nomination Form and signed Youth of the Year Job Description to your Regional Service Center for consideration for state, regional and national honors. If your organizationís Youth of the Year is selected for regional competition, the Background Check Authorization form must be completed and signed, and findings must be submitted to your Regional Service Center prior to the regional competition. Make copies of all required documentation and stay in contact with your Regional Service Center Director.  Submit a copy to DHQ Boys & Girls Club Department.
Plan:  Plan a public recognition ceremony to present the Youth of the Year certificate and medallion to the winner.
Conduct:  Conduct mock media interviews to prepare your Youth of the Year to meet the press.
Notify:  Notify local news media and submit your customized version of the enclosed sample press release. Provide the Youth of the Year and his or her parents or legal guardians with the Youth of the Year Program Fact Sheet and Youth of the Year Job Description; make sure they understand what is expected of State, Regional and National Youth of the Year winners. 
Display :  Prominently display a picture of the current Youth of the Year in the Club/Community Center throughout the year.